Water Damage Photo Gallery

AC Unit Leak in Granada Hills, CA

After an AC unit leak, the ceiling could not hold onto the water build up and caused the ceiling to collapse. We cleaned up the area and made sure we were able to dry out the framing and the drywall behind the tile. 

Crawlspace Flood in Culver City, CA

A broken pipe in the crawlspace had caused the entire place to flood. We were able to extract out the standing water and place absorbent in the soil to expedite the drying process and make the soil drier.  

Standing Water in Santa Clarita, CA

After a bathroom supply line burst, the homeowner came home to find standing water throughout the entire first floor of his home. Not only did SERVPRO of Mar Vista extract all the standing water immediately, the home was successfully dried in place without the need of any demolition allowing the homeowner to return back to his home in no time!

Crawlspace in Santa Monica, CA

Our team gets down and dirty, so you don’t have to! Our technicians went down in the crawlspace to mitigate the excess moisture to prevent secondary damage to the house.

Affected Insulation in Beverly Hills, CA

Water line leaks within the wall can make the insulation soak up all the surrounding water and moisture. Leaving the insulation in the walls can cause the affected area to have mold. With our quick response time, we are able to remove all the damaged insulation and mitigate moisture to prevent further damages. 

Moisture Detector

The device in the picture is one of the moisture detectors we use at SERVPRO of Mar Vista. This device helps our team know the severity of the water damage and helps our certified technicians have accurate and trustworthy results.