Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Mud Slide in Los Angeles, CA

After a heavy rainstorm, this parking structure had a build up of mud that was not easy to remove. Our technician was able to power wash the area and make the parking structure look like it was brand new. 

Roof Leak in Valencia, CA

After a rainstorm, the homeowner noticed that their ceiling had heavy staining. The homeowner was concerned that they would have mold and they were right. Once the ceiling was open we were able to see all of the mold and performed a mold remediation for the homeowner. The homeowner was upset that they did not call us out as soon as they noticed the leak to prevent the mold. 

Tarp Up in Santa Clarita, CA

Don't let a roof leak turn into a home flood! Here at SERVPRO of Mar Vista, we make sure to decrease the damage to your home by setting up a tarp on your roof. Having your roof fixed can take weeks if not months! Having large water damage can cause many inconveniences. Let us provide you with a temporary solution to save your home. 

Cleaning Up After A Storm in Calabasas, CA

Cleaning up after a storm is never fun, especially when it makes its way into your home. Put your mind to ease, and let our professional crew take care of the cleanup from beginning to end. We start by performing our muck-out service, making sure all the unwanted debris is out of your home, followed by a detailed disinfecting stage in the process. And finally, the last step is our detailed cleaning service, that leaves your home looking "Like it never even happened."

Flooding in Beverly Hills, CA

Flooding isn't something that Los Angeles County is really accustomed to, but, natural disasters can occur anywhere and at any given moment. Here at SERVPRO of Mar Vista, we are ready to mobilize to any situation immediately.  

Wildfire in Ojai, CA

California was swept with wildfires in 2017 all over the state, causing millions of dollars in property damage. We stand united with the people of Santa Barbara and Ojai to ensure that they receive all the support necessary to help put their homes back together. Here at SERVPRO of Mar Vista, no matter what the damage is, we will make sure to make any situation look "Like it never even happened."