Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Sprinkler Damage in Mar Vista, CA

The fire sprinkler had gone off and the homeowners discovered that their entire wall was discolored. The pipe leading into the fire sprinkler had leaked and caused their insulation and drywall to be fully saturated. Luckily, we were able to attend to this job in no time and save the home from mold. 

Fire Clean Up in Venice, CA

A trash can caught on fire and caused the entire warehouse a lot of damage. Although the fire was only in 1 area, the soot and ash had traveled and damaged the entire warehouse. This picture is of an electrical room that shows the soot and ash that had rested on the walls and equipment.  

Fire Clean Up in Santa Clarita, CA

A brush fire in Sand Canyon caused a lot of damage in this garage. We were able to easily clean up the affected areas, remove the salvageable materials, and get rid of all odor. 

Fire Job in Santa Monica, CA

Fire job in Santa Monica that we were able to clean up. This was a severe fire job that required a lot of demolition and required contractors to do the build back.   

Fire Clean Up in Sawtelle, CA

Our crew members used a scissor lift to get to the hard to reach areas and to ensure that the framing was cleared of all soot. We used a special HEPA vacuum to remove the debris.  

Air scrubber in Van Nuys, California

During a fire loss, we use air scrubbers with HEPA filters to improve air quality. The negative air fan takes the air in and filters out the odor and debris.