Commercial Photo Gallery

Preparing for a Large Loss in Los Angeles, CA

Preparing the equipment for pick up. We used all this equipment in a high rise commercial building in downtown Los Angeles. We were able to place our equipment and have the office staff continue their work with little to no interruptions. We were able to dry out almost all the walls and flooring that was affected. Not only did we save the company a lot of money, but we saved them the hassle of demo and reconstruction.

Water Leak in Brentwood, CA

This is a picture taken on our infrared camera. The infrared camera picks up on the temperature and allows us to easily see which areas can be affected. The purple color shows the area that is a colder temperature. The water saturation in the framing and drywall allows us to see the areas that are affected and we can double check that with our moisture meter. 

Water Flood in Los Angeles, CA

Waterflood caused a heavy mudslide to come down to the bottom of a high rise. We were able to complete the job and have the business go back to normal in no time. 

Basketball Court Hardwood Flooring in Mar Vista, CA

The second-floor toilet supply line leak damaged the basketball court hardwood flooring and was already showing signs of damage. We were able to tent the floor and not only dry it out, but also save it from the damages.

Water Extraction From Carpet in Los Angeles, CA

SERVPRO of Mar Vista has done countless commercial and residential water extractions. Extracting the water from the carpet can prevent it from mold and odor. This is a great practice to save your carpet. 

Equipped and Ready!

We are always ready to respond to any size job. Whether it may be a small residential loss or a large commercial loss, SERVPRO of Mar Vista has you covered 24/7.