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COVID-19 Cleaning in Santa Clarita, CA

COVID-19 Cleaning in Santa Clarita, CA

COVID fogging and wipe down in Santa Clarita. After a positive case, the owner of a business wanted to keep the team safe by doing a COVID Cleaning. Our team was able to do the cleaning on a Sunday so the team would be able to go for a new week. This gave everyone a more peaceful mind. 

Demo Set Up in Brentwood, CA

Is it important for us to keep your house clean during demo. With the high ceilings, we placed the pictured containment and it kept the house clean and debris free. 

Fire Cleaning in Culver City, CA

Fire Damage is never fun! We make the impossible possible here at SERVPRO of Mar Vista. These high ceilings were not a problem for our team. We used a scissor lift to reach the ceiling and did the demo with no complications. 

Crawlspace Flood In Glendale, CA

After the entire crawlspace was flooded with water, we removed all the excess water and placed absorbent in the entire crawlspace to get rid of all of the excessive moisture. 

Crawlspace Flood In Glendale, CA

After the entire crawlspace was flooded with water, we removed all the excess water and placed absorbent in the entire crawlspace to get rid of all of the excessive moisture. 

Crawlspace Inspection in Eagle Rock, CA

The homeowner had no idea what was causing the water damage in his crawlspace. During our inspection, we were able to find the damaged pipe that was causing the flood in his crawlspace.  

Water Extraction in Malibu, CA

It is not fun having a flood during the construction of a brand new house. These group of contractors made a great choice by calling us! We got out on the job site in less than 2 hours and had a crew extracting all of the water out. The house was back in its original shape in no time. 

Mud Slide in Los Angeles, CA

After a heavy rainstorm, this parking structure had a build up of mud that was not easy to remove. Our technician was able to power wash the area and make the parking structure look like it was brand new. 

AC Unit Leak in Granada Hills, CA

After an AC unit leak, the ceiling could not hold onto the water build up and caused the ceiling to collapse. We cleaned up the area and made sure we were able to dry out the framing and the drywall behind the tile. 

Mold Remediation in Marina Del Rey, CA

As you can see in the picture, almost the entire room is covered in containment. Due to the heavy demo and mold remediation, we placed containment at the kitchen to keep out the debris. Even if an area is not affected we would still take the extra step to make sure your house is being taken care of. 

Roof Leak in Valencia, CA

After a rainstorm, the homeowner noticed that their ceiling had heavy staining. The homeowner was concerned that they would have mold and they were right. Once the ceiling was open we were able to see all of the mold and performed a mold remediation for the homeowner. The homeowner was upset that they did not call us out as soon as they noticed the leak to prevent the mold. 

Mold Remediation in Glendale, CA

The kitchen sink had leaked and caused the area to grow mold and was still showing moisture. If the moisture does not get treated properly, the mold feeds off of the moisture and keeps growing. 

Fire Sprinkler Damage in Mar Vista, CA

The fire sprinkler had gone off and the homeowners discovered that their entire wall was discolored. The pipe leading into the fire sprinkler had leaked and caused their insulation and drywall to be fully saturated. Luckily, we were able to attend to this job in no time and save the home from mold. 

Preparing for a Large Loss in Los Angeles, CA

Preparing the equipment for pick up. We used all this equipment in a high rise commercial building in downtown Los Angeles. We were able to place our equipment and have the office staff continue their work with little to no interruptions. We were able to dry out almost all the walls and flooring that was affected. Not only did we save the company a lot of money, but we saved them the hassle of demo and reconstruction.

Crawlspace Flood in Culver City, CA

A broken pipe in the crawlspace had caused the entire place to flood. We were able to extract out the standing water and place absorbent in the soil to expedite the drying process and make the soil drier.  

Water Leak in Brentwood, CA

This is a picture taken on our infrared camera. The infrared camera picks up on the temperature and allows us to easily see which areas can be affected. The purple color shows the area that is a colder temperature. The water saturation in the framing and drywall allows us to see the areas that are affected and we can double check that with our moisture meter. 

Fire Clean Up in Venice, CA

A trash can caught on fire and caused the entire warehouse a lot of damage. Although the fire was only in 1 area, the soot and ash had traveled and damaged the entire warehouse. This picture is of an electrical room that shows the soot and ash that had rested on the walls and equipment.  

Fire Clean Up in Santa Clarita, CA

A brush fire in Sand Canyon caused a lot of damage in this garage. We were able to easily clean up the affected areas, remove the salvageable materials, and get rid of all odor. 

Water Flood in Los Angeles, CA

Waterflood caused a heavy mudslide to come down to the bottom of a high rise. We were able to complete the job and have the business go back to normal in no time. 

Desiccant Deployed in San Fernando, CA

Our desiccant was placed in the crawlspace and was able to dry out the area. We were able to stop the mold that was starting to form, and saved the home from further damage.   

Fire Job in Santa Monica, CA

Fire job in Santa Monica that we were able to clean up. This was a severe fire job that required a lot of demolition and required contractors to do the build back.   

Mold Remediation in Brentwood, CA

After performing our mold remediation, we can set up containment on all the open cavities until the build back has commenced. We also use this technique for any post remediation testing. 

Basketball Court Hardwood Flooring in Mar Vista, CA

The second-floor toilet supply line leak damaged the basketball court hardwood flooring and was already showing signs of damage. We were able to tent the floor and not only dry it out, but also save it from the damages.

Fire Clean Up in Sawtelle, CA

Our crew members used a scissor lift to get to the hard to reach areas and to ensure that the framing was cleared of all soot. We used a special HEPA vacuum to remove the debris.  

Water Extraction From Carpet in Los Angeles, CA

SERVPRO of Mar Vista has done countless commercial and residential water extractions. Extracting the water from the carpet can prevent it from mold and odor. This is a great practice to save your carpet. 

Air scrubber in Van Nuys, California

During a fire loss, we use air scrubbers with HEPA filters to improve air quality. The negative air fan takes the air in and filters out the odor and debris. 

Crawlspace Mold in Hollywood, CA

Crawlspaces are notorious for mold growth. If the water damage is not mitigated properly the water can spread down to the crawlspace and cause mold growth. Avoid having to go through the troubles of mold growth and call us out as soon as the water loss occurs.    

Baseboard Mold in Santa Monica, CA

Believe it or not, during a water loss one of the most common places to find mold is right behind baseboards. The cause of this is the water compresses at the bottom of the wall and the moisture that is trapped in between the wall and baseboard creates mold. 

Tarp Up in Santa Clarita, CA

Don't let a roof leak turn into a home flood! Here at SERVPRO of Mar Vista, we make sure to decrease the damage to your home by setting up a tarp on your roof. Having your roof fixed can take weeks if not months! Having large water damage can cause many inconveniences. Let us provide you with a temporary solution to save your home. 

Cleaning Up After A Storm in Calabasas, CA

Cleaning up after a storm is never fun, especially when it makes its way into your home. Put your mind to ease, and let our professional crew take care of the cleanup from beginning to end. We start by performing our muck-out service, making sure all the unwanted debris is out of your home, followed by a detailed disinfecting stage in the process. And finally, the last step is our detailed cleaning service, that leaves your home looking "Like it never even happened."

Flooding in Beverly Hills, CA

Flooding isn't something that Los Angeles County is really accustomed to, but, natural disasters can occur anywhere and at any given moment. Here at SERVPRO of Mar Vista, we are ready to mobilize to any situation immediately.  

Wildfire in Ojai, CA

California was swept with wildfires in 2017 all over the state, causing millions of dollars in property damage. We stand united with the people of Santa Barbara and Ojai to ensure that they receive all the support necessary to help put their homes back together. Here at SERVPRO of Mar Vista, no matter what the damage is, we will make sure to make any situation look "Like it never even happened."

Standing Water in Santa Clarita, CA

After a bathroom supply line burst, the homeowner came home to find standing water throughout the entire first floor of his home. Not only did SERVPRO of Mar Vista extract all the standing water immediately, the home was successfully dried in place without the need of any demolition allowing the homeowner to return back to his home in no time!

Crawlspace in Santa Monica, CA

Our team gets down and dirty, so you don’t have to! Our technicians went down in the crawlspace to mitigate the excess moisture to prevent secondary damage to the house.

Affected Insulation in Beverly Hills, CA

Water line leaks within the wall can make the insulation soak up all the surrounding water and moisture. Leaving the insulation in the walls can cause the affected area to have mold. With our quick response time, we are able to remove all the damaged insulation and mitigate moisture to prevent further damages. 

Moisture Detector

The device in the picture is one of the moisture detectors we use at SERVPRO of Mar Vista. This device helps our team know the severity of the water damage and helps our certified technicians have accurate and trustworthy results.

Equipped and Ready!

We are always ready to respond to any size job. Whether it may be a small residential loss or a large commercial loss, SERVPRO of Mar Vista has you covered 24/7.

SERVPRO of Mar Vista

Here at SERVPRO of Mar Vista, luxury homes are our specialty. We handle every home as if it were our own. Being careful, considerate and personable is a priority to our team!