Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Pack Out In Crenshaw, CA

After a water damage to this commercial building, the flooring was damaged and had to be removed. Due to the number of contents, we performed a pack out in orde... READ MORE

Water Damage in Playa Vista,C A

This job was a commercial hallway water damage. The affected drywall was showing some signs of moisture. We left the area without equipment and came back the ne... READ MORE

Roof Leak in Los Angeles, CA

A well-known retail store had a roof leak that caused them secondary damage. The manager tried extracting the water themselves but soon realized it was not an e... READ MORE

Sewage Back up in Los Angeles, CA

The office manager walked into sewage back up loss and she could not believe her eyes. Her main goal was to have the area cleaned up before the weekend started.... READ MORE

Standing Water in Culver City, CA

This commercial building in Culver City was not prepared for water damage. The fire sprinkler went off and caused the office to have inches of standing water th... READ MORE

Roof Leak in Mar Vista, CA

This commercial building had a damaged roof that caused the entire level to have standing water. The owner was extremely concerned since the flood occurred afte... READ MORE