Recent Before & After Photos

Water Extraction in Malibu, CA

A water intrusion came into this almost built home theater and basement. We rushed over and extracted over 400 gallons of water. We later placed drying equipmen... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Marina Del Rey, CA

Now you see it, now you don't. The homeowner had no idea there was mold in between his walls and behind his baseboards. During our inspection, we removed the ba... READ MORE

Floor Mat System in Culver City, CA

After a sink leak, the floors were fully saturated and started showing signs of lifting. We were able to place our floor mat system in place and dried out the f... READ MORE

Tarp Up in Santa Monica, CA

After a roof leak that caused water damage to the house, we placed a tarp up to prevent further damage from the rest of the rainstorm. We were able to get a cre... READ MORE

Board Up in Sawtelle, CA

After a burglary, the homeowners were not able to close their damaged sliding doors. The homeowners did not feel safe and called us. Although this was not a sta... READ MORE

Appliance Detach in Van Nuys, CA

The washer had a leak in the laundry room that caused the back wall to be fully saturated. In order to proceed with the necessary demolition of the laundry room... READ MORE

Roof Leak in Brentwood, CA

A worried homeowner called us as soon as she noticed water coming out of her light fixture. Our team was able to go on site right away and help her with the sit... READ MORE

Roof Leak in Venice, CA

After a heavy rainstorm, the insured noticed that her master bedroom wall appeared to be damaged and had stained. The insured believed since it had been over a ... READ MORE

Fire Clean Up in Los Angeles, CA

After the trash can fire, this entire studio was covered in soot and ash. The entire filming built in the backdrop was damaged from the fire and it was even wor... READ MORE

Commercial Pack Out In Crenshaw, CA

After a water damage to this commercial building, the flooring was damaged and had to be removed. Due to the number of contents, we performed a pack out in orde... READ MORE