Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire Clean Up in Los Angeles, CA

After the trash can fire, this entire studio was covered in soot and ash. The entire filming built in the backdrop was damaged from the fire and it was even wor... READ MORE

Fire Clean up in Ojai, CA

This storage shed was almost burnt to the ground after a wildfire. unfortunately, none of the items were salvageable. We put together a total loss list with the... READ MORE

Fire Clean Up in Santa Clarita, CA

This fire was caused by the bathroom exhaust fan. The homeowner was skeptical about what the place would look after we were done cleaning it up. Another valid c... READ MORE

Fire Clean Up in Mar Vista, CA

It is very common for an exhaust fan to start a fire. The fire can be easily caused by the buildup of lint and dust and with the heat that the motor ignites the... READ MORE

Fire Clean Up in Santa Monica, CA

Fire jobs can be tricky due to the odor that can linger around even after all the areas have been cleaned. Since the carpet is porous it is great at holding ont... READ MORE

Fire Clean Up in West Hollywood, CA

During our fire clean up jobs, we place air scrubbers on site to help improve the air quality. Our HEPA filter is able to collect the smallest airborne particle... READ MORE